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The 8 Limbs of Happy Yoga

Guru Dudu’s work is founded on the following principles that were divinely transmitted to him in very obscure circumstances that he has never revealed in public. . . . Ohm’s the word!


1. Grooveyama

Feeling the Groove. Life’s deepest vibrations can be felt in the pelvic region – and life really wants to dance and be enjoyed! Feeling the rhythm of life in your body from head to toe. Groove is in the heart . . . Viva Le’Disco!


2. Dododumi

Exploring our animal instincts and seeing things from a non-human perspective. Our primal native self deeply knows life’s natural rhythms. . . . Grrrr!



Fashioning your reality! Making the choice to be happy. Choosing to see the funny side of life. Colouring the world. Showing your gifts off to the world, strutting your stuff on Life’s catwalk. Being the source of happiness. Desiring everything and needing nothing.


4. Pyjamahara

Playing like a child. Laughing like a Lama. Embracing the absurd. Freedom and creativity. The curiosity of the beginners mind. Asking stupid questions, and letting the inner child out to play.


5. Assananda

Expelling your waste and dealing with your “stuff”. Grounding. Facing Reality. Garbage in = garbage out. Letting go of that which does not serve you.


6. Coochi-coochi

Touching and feeling your way! Breaking down physical boundaries. Touch activism. Connecting with others. Listening with your body. Stillness. Responsiveness and mindfulness.


7. Dalimo

Finding your ‘Dali Mo’. De-cool and re-soul yourself. Cultivating the eccentric self with character, soul and charisma. Seeing things from a new perspective. The abstract realm. 


8. Yummi

Gratitude. Saying ‘Yes’ to everything. We are all one, and all is Yum! Universal delight. Choosing what shows up. Loving what is – only always. Laughing in adversity. Radical inclusion. There is no mistake!