Happy Yoga

Happy Yoga is a parody Yoga class where Yoga meets disco and Guru Dudu takes you on a comedic journey of simple postures to help you open your “laughter meridians.”

“Happiness and it’s Causes” – Brisbane 2011

Melbourne Comedy Festival Show

A Yoga class with a twist!

Happy Yoga turns all the usual Yoga poses upside-down, giving your laughter meridians a workout from the inside-out.

Guru Dudu will lead you through a series of simple poses to help you get in touch with your “ass-ana”, learn carbon-capture breathing and enjoy alternate nostril singing!

The laugh is on us!
The laugh is in us!

Suitable for all levels.
No experience preferred.

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A sensational multi-faceted, multi-textured performance. I have never seen a crowd entertained so much in a riotous performance. He cleverly combined knock-out one liners with clever puns, a variety of methods in his show including musical, a la Bollywood interludes and audience involvement. The funniest thing I have seen in a long time.

– John Wood, Customer Services Officer, VCAT




Happy Yoga opened up our group allowing them to free themselves, have fun and joke around – a nice contrast to being too rigid and business like.

– Igor Posenjak, Melbourne Water


A delightful clever, and an irreverent send up of a yoga class. It was so hilarious yoga may never seem so serious again, after experiencing Guru Dudu taking us through the movements of the Village Peoples’ Y.M.C.A. changed to Y.O.G.A. It left us howling on our mats.

– Simon Maurizio Marrocco, Founder StKilda Yoga School




I’ve enjoyed working with David, he is an insightful facilitator who is able to quickly engage and energise a group with irreverent humour and play. His Happy Yoga sessions add a valuable dimension to our leadership programs and integrate leadership concepts in unexpected ways.

– Diana Renner, Social Leadership Australia


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Interactive Laughter workshops

In addition to Happy Yoga, Disko Duk Duk also runs “Disko Physio” based on the similar principles to Happy Yoga. It’s a parody of a physio class that incorporates simple physio exercises in a fun group setting. Once everyone is loosened up, he introduces more play activities, with a possibility of continuing into a Silent Disco Tour with the group. A fun way to engage your group with dynamic movement and laughter.




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